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1. The competition is run by Telkom SA SOC Ltd (“Telkom”) (Registration
Number 1991/005476/30), a listed company duly incorporated in
accordance with the laws of the Republic of South Africa, with its
registered address at Telkom Park, the Hub, 61 Oak Avenue, Techno
Park Highveld Centurion, Pretoria(“Telkom”) including its affiliates,
partners, associations and agents.
2. The competition and is open to all members of the public who are
South African residents of the age of eighteen (18) years or older and
are prepaid, postpaid or hybrid mobile customers of Telkom, excluding
Telkom and its subsidiaries and/or, employees and their immediate
families as well as Telkom’s advertising and promotion agencies,
distribution partners, associated companies, and outlet owners,
dealers, resellers and their immediate families and employees.
3. The rules may be amended by reasonable notification at any time
during the competition, and will be applied and interpreted at the sole
discretion of Telkom. Participation by the entrants constitutes
acceptance of these rules.

5. How to enter
5.1 Entrants must purchase Telkom mobile data/minutes on *123#
under TKO with Mo’ Nice to participate. TKO with Mo’ Nice
purchases on the *123# USSD menu will be the only way that
enables consumers to participate in the promotion.
5.2.1 Only Telkom mobile (prepaid, postpaid and hybrid) customers
will be eligible to buy offers on the *123# USSD menu
5.2.2 Telkom will present customers with a personalized set of offers
on the USSD menu on *123# under TKO with Mo’ Nice.
5.2.3 Customers may purchase offers on the * 123# USSD TKO with
Mo’ Nice menu multiple times.5.2.4 Each time a customer buys an offer on the *123# USSD menu
and predict the score correctly, their offer will be multiplied by
the highest combined match score for the round.
5.2.5 “Highest combined match score” in this competition means the
match with the highest number of goals at full time if both
teams’ goals are added together. Penalty shoot-out goals will
not be considered.
If three matches are played over weekend and these are the scores:
• Team 1 vs Team 2: 3:1
• Team 2 vs Team 3: 2: 4
• Team 1 vs Team 3: 3:2
5.2.6 Customers will get any offer they buy on *123# under TKO with
Mo’ Nice multiplied by six (6) which is (4+2). This is the sum of
the most scored goals in a specific round.
5.2.7 The expiry dates of the offers sold on the * 123# USSD menu
will be specified in the communication. Expiry dates for offers
may vary and this at the discretion of Telkom.
5.2.8 Customers will only be rewarded on offers that they purchase on
the *123# USSD menu (no other USSD menu) The rewards that
will multiplied by the goals will be valid for two (2) days.
5.2.9 Customers will not be rewarded for buying offers under “TKO
with Mo’ Nice” on *123#; however, they will automatically be
entered into the R1 MILLION draw.
5.2.10 On the week prior to a match, customers will have two weeks
to buy offers in the TKO with Mo’ Nice on the *123# USSD menu
up until Friday 7pm of the weekend of the matches.
5.2.11 Purchases after 7pm on the weekend of the matches do not
qualify for the reward as matches would have already presumed.
5.2.12 Purchases after 7pm on the Friday of the weekend of a match
only qualify for the rewards in the next round of matches
5.2.13 Customers buying after 7pm on the Friday of the weekend of
the match will be told when their “goals” reward will be allocated
5.2.14 Free resources (data or minutes) received as reward(s) are
non-transferable.5.2.15 If customers buy voice minutes on the *123# USSD menu
under TKO with Mo’ Nice and predicted the score correctly; the
voice minutes will be multiplied by the combined score of the
team with the most score goals and its opponent in each round.
(e.g. if a customer bought 30 Telkom voice minutes they will be
rewarded with 30 voice minutes multiplied by the most scored
5.2.16 If a customer buys data on the *123# USSD menu under TKO
with Mo’ Nice and predicted the score correctly; the data amount
will be multiplied by the combined score of the team with the
most scored goals and its opponent in each round. (e.g. if a
customer bought 1GB they will be rewarded 1GB multiplied by
the most scored goals).
5.2.17 The goal rewards each round will only take place the Monday
following the weekend of a match.
5.2.18 The goals rewards for correct predictions will only apply to
matches played on weekends.
5.2.19 Customers will be able to buy normal data bundles (called Data
on the USSD) and Telkom only data (called Telkom Data on the
USSD) in the Telkom Knock Out with Mo’ Nice (TKO with Mo’
Nice). Customers can also purchase All network minutes and
Telkom minutes.
5.2.20 Telkom data can only be used in Telkom coverage and
customers will not be able to roam when they purchase this
5.2.21 Telkom minutes can only be used to call Telkom Mobile
numbers and Telkom fixed line numbers.
5.2.22 Telkom shall not be held accountable or responsible for the
non-functioning of Telkom data and Telkom minutes in non-
coverage areas
6. Prizes
6.1 The instant cash prizes after each round consists of the following:
Round 16- R3000 to 20 winners; Quarter finals – R3000 to 20
winners; Semi-Finals – R3000 to 20 winners; Final – R3000 to 20
winners and the draw will be held the next day after each round
and the Grand prize of R1 MILLION to one lucky winner will be
drawn after the final on 10th December 2018. The Winners will be
randomly selected from qualifying entries received within the
competition period. Winners for cash prizes will be notified via. SMS, they will receive an ABSA ATM pin to withdraw cash at any
ABSA ATM. Customer care call center details for ABSA will also be
sent via SMS.
Auditors will do a random draw from report on all predict a score
entrants Monday after every round.
6.2 The winner(s) will be announced and will be contacted on the
contact details provided to Telkom by the Participant.
6.3 Each winner will need to respond with their requested details
within 1 (one) week of being notified in order to receive their prize.
Telkom reserves the right to disqualify a winner if he/she does not
respond to the abovementioned notification within 1 (one) week,
and to randomly select an alternative winner from the competition.
7. General
7.1 Winners may be required to disclose their details and/or to appear
on radio, television, the Internet or in any printed or digital
publications. Unless the winners indicate they would like to remain
7.2 Telkom, its agents and distributors accept no responsibility,
financial or otherwise for the misuse of the winning prize.
7.3 Telkom, its agents and distributors will not replace any lost or
stolen prize money and reserve the right to withdraw or amend
any details without notice.
7.4 The prize is not transferable.
7.5 Normal VAS rates apply and charges on the use of *123# USSD
will not exceed R1.50 for each entry. Free minutes do not apply.
7.6 Telkom or its affiliates may require you to provide them, with
additional information as may be reasonably required to process
and facilitate your acceptance, bookings and/or use of a prize such
as providing proof of address, identity number and signing receipt
of the prize upon its delivery.
7.7 Telkom reserves the right to cancel the competition at any time, if
deemed necessary in its opinion or if circumstances arise that are
outside of its control, and will not be liable to entrants in such
event for any cause or action whatsoever.
7.8 A copy of these terms and conditions can be found at during office hours throughout the period of the
campaign and competition. 7.9 These terms and conditions will be construed, interpreted and
enforced in accordance with the applicable laws of the Republic of
South Africa.
7.10 You may not win a prize if it is unlawful for Telkom to supply
such a prize to you or you have directly or indirectly been engaged
in corrupt, fraudulent or unfair practices in competing for the prize.
If you do win such a prize, you will forfeit it.
7.11 E & OE