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Boxer offers an array of opportunities to those individuals who have what it takes to make a significant difference to their lives and the longevity of the company.

Boxer is an equal opportunity employer which continuously encourages its employees to be all that they can be – regardless of age, race, gender, disability or colour. If you are able to perform your tasks well, Boxer has a wide variety of career opportunities for you.

Boxer is fully credited as an official training centre with the W&R SETA. For further information about exciting career opportunities for both school graduates and managers, please contact the Human Resources Director by uploading your CV using the link below.


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41 The Boulevard Westend Office Park Westville 3610

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Boxer Superstores P O Box 370 Westville 3630


+27 (31) 275 7000


+27 (86) 686 2820

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ShareCall: 08600 BOXER /08600 26937

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