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Johannesburg, Gauteng
Job Type Permanent
Full Job Description
Information Technology, Gauteng JHB – Northern Suburbsmarket related – Market related

Our client in Midrand is looking for a MSS Engineer with the following skills and experience;

Position purpose:

The primary role of the MSS engineer within the Services division is for the technical and operational delivery of a specific Statement of Work as contracted with the client, by being on site to provide such services. Additionally, the MSS Engineer needs to deliver a high level of quality customer service and be a support and escalation channel into the company for the client.


    • Grade 12.
    • Information Security diploma or degree advantageous.
    • A+, S+, N+.
    • CASP, CISCO, CCNA advantageous.
    • 5+ years’ work experience in the information security industry.
    • 2 – 3 years’ proven experience in McAfee ePO.

Key Performance Areas:



    • Makes customers and their needs a primary focus of one’s actions and attention, while developing / maintaining productive customer relationships.
    • Seeks to understand customer environment to ensure realistic and effective recommendations and/or solutions.
    • Seeks to understand customer circumstances, problems, expectations and needs, while resolving problems quickly.


    • Meeting customer expectations / deliverables in line with SOW.
    • Number of complaints / compliments from customers.



  • Complies with the Company and Customer standards, policies and procedures, including change control etc.
  • Ensure quality standards are met in all documentation submitted by initiating and performing peer reviews.
  • Provides support to team when team members are travelling or on leave.
  • Where applicable, provides standby support by being available on a 24/7 basis as per standby schedule.


    • Number of deviations from the company processes / policies / procedures.
    • Monthly reports / updates (Accuracy and deadlines met).
    • Number of instances where not available/ unreachable during standby.
    • Feedback from team / colleagues received from Peer Reviews.



  • Obtain relevant Vendor Certifications aligned to immediate/assigned job requirements and Personal Development Plan (PDP).


    • Certifications are current.
    • Training and upskilling takes place as indicated in PDP.



McAfee Endpoint Solution:

The primary responsibilities of the onsite McAfee Endpoint engineer will be to assist client in effectively managing and supporting their McAfee Endpoint infrastructure. The engineer will assume a key role in providing on-going expertise for client’s tactical and strategic AntiVirus and Endpoint protection related initiatives, supported by the Supplier, which shall include:

    • Ensuring that the McAfee antivirus is configured and maintained according to best practice;
    • Signature distribution automation (Must include a process for devices that cannot be updated as part of the automated deployment);
    • Latest signatures distribution;
    • Ensure that replication is performed to all repositories and that bandwidth constraints are reported and dealt with;
    • Establish a relationship with McAfee to ensure that issues are dealt with or escalated appropriately in order to continue to protect MCE;
    • Ensure that client’s exposure to malware is identified, mitigated and reported in a rational manner;
    • Ensure that virus threats that cannot be resolved by McAfee antivirus are escalated timeously to the relevant stakeholders within the MCE; (JP does this)
    • Ensure that when users sign in via the RAS facility, their virus signature files are automatically updated;
    • Enable a facility where new software, portable media and information in electronic format from external sources, shall be scanned for malicious program code, before introduction into the client network;
    • Ensure that associated processes and procedures are in line with best practice and is reviewed and updated within agreed timelines;
    • Ensure that client’s processes and procedures are not bypassed (Such as Change Management);
    • Ensure that evidence can be provided to auditors;
    • Provide evidence that shows how the management of the antivirus solution has positive contribution to the security posture of the MCE;
    • Ensure that trend analysis is performed and report to relevant stakeholders within client;
    • Ensure that reports are provided on a daily, weekly and monthly basis, types and timelines of reports need to be discussed and agreed with client stakeholders.
    • Provide in house developed metrics framework to continuously measure the effectiveness of the McAfee EPA environment.
    • All preventative measures will be logged and record, preventative measure to be recorded through the following means: o Client Incident Management system;
    • Minutes of corrective action meetings held;
    • Mini-Project plans detailing corrective actions;
    • Review and maintain relevant operational processes and procedures.
    • McAfee Data Loss Prevention
    • McAfee HIPS
    • Management of all managed systems both workstations and servers via ePO
    • Product deployment and upgrades via ePO.
    • Logging USDs for Non-Compliant Systems
    • Attending to calls assigned to AV Team such as Server De/Commissioning
    • Presenting AV related Changes on CAB Meetings.


    • Half yearly feedback from customer.
    • Number of complaints / compliments from customer.
    • Half yearly feedback from peers, product leads, project managers based on delivery.

Technical knowledge / competencies:

    • Relevant and current Product certifications (Depending on the product supported).
    • Proven skills and in-depth working knowledge of product to be supported.
    • Troubleshooting and problem solving.
    • Networking skills.
    • Incident management.
    • Communication and business writing skills.
    • Technical documentation / report writing skills and experience.
    • Proven understanding and awareness of current developments in the prevailing global Cyber Security environment.

Behavioral competencies:

  • Team player and Team building (Creation of a cohesive division)
  • Adopting and accepting the organisation’s professional standards
  • Structured thinking
  • Teachability – (Having a positive attitude and a willingness to learn)
  • Individual thinking within the current role
  • Collaboration – willingness and ability to collaborate with other Team Leaders / Supervisors
  • Action oriented – production of desired outcomes within the required timeframes
  • Work pro-actively – both independently and with peers
  • Assertive and confident.
  • Ability to handle conflict.
  • Ability to plan and organise work tasks.
  • Strong sense of accountability and responsibility.
  • Assertive and confident.

Ref: PE008078/SiyaVacancy Type: Permanent