Forensic Specialist Investigator

Overall Purpose of the Job
  • o Conduct allocated forensic investigations according to required methodologies and standards.
  • o Investigate and follow-up on matters emanating from fraud hotline reports allocated by the management
  • o Conduct interviews, obtain statements/affidavits and gather factual evidence with regards to forensic investigations.
  • o Analyze information, statements/affidavits, research and evidence gathered.
  • o Provide regular feedback on the progress of investigations to the Senior Manager.
  • o Represent the organization and lead/provide evidence in appropriate forums. (Disciplinary Actions, Criminal/Civil proceedings, Labour Proceedings and Loss Recovery processes)
  • o Assist in the Fraud Awareness campaigns to aviation officials and stakeholders.
  • o Establish and maintain sound relationships with forensic stakeholders and law enforcement agencies.
  • o Compile forensic investigation reports.
  • o Ensure efficient and accurate project administration.
Education (Formal Qualification required)
Relevant recognized Forensic/Police/Investigation Diploma.
A combined six (6) years’ experience in Forensic Investigation, Fraud Management (Prevention, Detection/Monitoring) and Fraud Risk Assessments.
Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE), Understanding of the Public Sector
Legal (E.g. Driver’s license, blasting certificate, etc.)
Driver’s Licence, ACFE membership
Training (On the job training should the present incumbent leave)
Understanding of the Criminal Justice system and legislation, Labour legislations, Treasury Regulations, Public Finance Management Act, and other relevant legislations.
Understanding of the Aviation Industry and Aviation Regulations
Position Description Main Outputs and Responsibilities for this Position Description Weighting
Forensic Pro-active Services
  • o Identify areas where Fraud Risk Management may be of further assistance to management in the achievement of goals and objectives of the department.
  • o Providing Fraud Training, Awareness and Campaigns.
  • o Maintaining MIS registers.
  • o Conduct Fraud Awareness and Training.
  • o Promote Internal Audit and Forensic Services in overall engagements.
  • o Promote the Fraud Hotline.
  • o Maintain a Training Register and Fraud Hotline incidents.
Document information and transaction flow
  • o Understand the relevant aspects of the areas that are under investigation.
  • o Maintain chain of custody.
Assist with the implementation of corrective actions
  • o Prepare evidence to support recommended corrective actions.
  • o Lead/Provide evidence in corrective actions tribunals.
  • o Liaise and engage with law enforcement agencies.
Performs Unscheduled forensic activities
  • o Assist the Internal Audit team as and when requested by management.
  • o Participate in Fraud Risk Management projects as and when requested.
Communication and stakeholder management
  • o Ensure that investigation clients are regularly and timeously informed regarding investigations commencement and progress.
  • o Ensure that communication (written and verbal) with clients, peers and superiors are factual, regular, timeous and accurate.
  • o Manage relationships with clients and other stakeholders and ensure that all manual and electronic filing within your area complies with aviation policy/Law of Evidence and are maintained on a daily basis objective of achieving overall
Competencies (Skills and Behavioural Attributes) Skill Weighting
Pro-active and Re-Active Forensic 40%
Administrative Operations 10%
Fraud Risk Management 30%
Governance 10%
Criminal/Labour Law 10%
Behavioural Attribute Weighting
Client Service Orientation/Relationship Building 10%
Commitment to Learning (keep abreast) 10%
Principled, Ethical and Respect for the rule of law 40%
Effective Communication and Output Quality 20%
Results Orientation 20%
Other Special Requirements Other Special Requirements
Extensive knowledge of and skills in applying Forensic Investigation and Fraud Management principles and practices, and supervisory principles and preferred business practices;
o Considerable knowledge of the Standards of the Association of Fraud Examiners and the Code of Ethics developed by the Association of Fraud Examiners;
o Knowledge of management information systems terminology, concepts, and practices;
o Considerable knowledge of governance and related policies, procedures, regulations and laws;
o Skill in conducting quality Fraud Risk Management reviews;
o Skill in collecting and analysing complex evidence, evaluating information and systems, and drawing logical and legally sound conclusions;
o Sound project management skills.
o Skill in MS Office, and other business software to prepare reports, memoranda, detailed reports, summaries, and analyses;
o Considerable communications skills.
o Ability to establish and maintain harmonious working relationships with stakeholders whilst guarding against compromising one’s independence and objectivity.