Motor Grader Operator Affirmative Portfolios 14 reviews Johannesburg, Gauteng

Motor Grader Operator opportunity in the USA – Starting Salary per year – R850 000 plus benefits
  • 5+ years of on-point experience operating a finish blade motor grader
  • GPS proficiency is absolutely required
  • There may be some required night work depending on weather and project status.
  • Moderate lifting, bending, reaching, climbing, stooping, reaching, and turning neck
  • Clear and effective communication skills (speech, vision, hearing/listening)
  • Ability to pass a pre-employment urine drug test and drug/alcohol testing during employment
  • Perform other duties as required, directed, or as the situation dictates
  • Preferred Experience: CAT 140 M with GPS technology
  • U.S. Green Card sponsorship
If interested, please come in with the following documents below and see us for a briefing session where we will sort out your entire application.
Affirmative Portfolios
14 Petunia Street
La Rocca Office Park
Block E
  • Full CV with start and end dates of all employment. Dates must be 100% correct (1 November 2018 to 12 December 2018) not just the month
  • Full address and managers full name
  • Your spouse and children’s full names and ID (birthdates)
  • Full physical address where you live.
  • ID
  • Drivers
  • Passport valid for 18 months
  • Medical that will need to be done that cost R1400 (we will require this once you have applied within 1 week of application)
  • Unabridged Marriage and Birth certificate – if you do not have this we will require proof of payment that you have applied for this)
  • Family questionnaire (we will help you complete)
  • USA visa if you have ever had one before
We then send in the application and get an offer.
When you received the offer you will be required to have
  • An original reference needs to be collected from the client
  • Police Clearance (not older than 6 months)
  • A USA Embassy medical +- R7475
USA Embassy interview
Affirmative Portfolios